under neon loneliness motorcycle emptiness (seashellz) wrote in drugfucks,
under neon loneliness motorcycle emptiness


my friend sent me this program
and claims it works

i  haven't played any of the "song" files yet


has anyone heard of this??
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shit got me FUCKED. UP. just don't try the Meth file, i can't get enough

and now there's all these fucking spiders on my face
But really, that program is a (costly) ripoff of http://uazu.net/sbagen/.

I don't know about 'drug-like' effects, binaural beats can definitely sound weird. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binaural_beats for more info on how this works.
my friend told me about the program, though i've never gotten the chance to try it myself.
he told me it was super fucked up though.
Woah, I didnt know you were in this community :D
my friend has it and he said it worked, but not mind-blowingly well.