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What's up Doc

DOC. A research chemical.
Can anyone share any good info on it? not much on erowid.
I'm interested to try it, and I think I have the opportunity sometime soon.. .but I had a bad experience w/ some blow a week back and I'm taking a break from uppers.
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okay so
the do_ research chemicals, in general:
last a looooong time
doc should last around 18 hours, with the after effects totally around a day
is like an acid trip but different, as in you'll see things like neurons in your own eyes and stuff that may scare you
may make you VERY sick, pukey death, may not
don't do it unless you're interested in... experimenting with heavy duty hallucinogens.

i dont know much about DOC except when people try to sell acid around here and it's DOC a lot. so i thought it was just a shitty rip-off acid
What's the molecular name? Also, keep us posted on this. Sounds interesting.
I looked in my copy of PiHKAL and found out that DOC is actually 4-Chloro-2,5-dimethoxyamphetamine. The excerpt from PiHKAL can be found on

Quite an interesting compound you've found.

There are also flashes on the DEA website about it being sold as LSD all over the US. As always, be careful and know what you're taking.
I haven't tried it myself but my friends mess with it and love it. If you get good stuff it's comparable to really potent acid that lasts a bit longer.

One person I know claims they had a reaction to it and their throat swelled so badly they had to be hospitalized... but I have no idea how true that is.