sublimeeelove (sublimeeelove) wrote in drugfucks,

my friend came over the other day and we were doing blow and she said if you put a line on a ciggarette it fucks you up some.
sooo i was just wondering if that was true because i had never heard of it before.
i always thought it had to be cooked in order to smoke it.
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If you can smoke a cigarette with a line on it, you deserve some big award.

Odds are that she's full of shit? Pretty good.
i assume you mean to put coke IN the cigarette, yes?

anyway, i wouldn't say that you get more high, but i've done it and it's fun.
you do bumps with parliaments since they have the recessed filter. then when you smoke that cigarette it makes your mouth a little numb.
it works. my friend says its kinda like doing crack cuz ur smoking it but whatevz. i just put the coke on the nicotine and lay down cuz it feels better when u smoke it. also don't tap the ashes off until its long to make it last longer..idk if this made ne sense. but also u can put the blow around the filter and it numbs ur mouth.
haha that cokehead icon...i know that girl and the photographer that did that photo. weiiiird.

it's called a's basically like smoking
oo cool. i thought the pic was cool and reminded me of my bff haha.
cocopuffs... dip the smoke in some coke or roll some into your joint

i got a bouncy leg buzz, it was aight.
you might as well smoke crack


May 5 2007, 03:04:04 UTC 10 years ago

It's called a dirty cigarette.
Make sure your cigarettes are packed (Newports are best for this, btw),
and put coke in that area.
You can use as much as you'd like.
And/or you can lightly lick the cigarette and roll it in coke.
Do NOT ash your cigarette.
And do this in an open, secluded area,
for the smell is lingering and noticeable.
It gives a bit of a different high than snorting.
But it's not the same as smoking crack.
It's awesome though, I love it.
You don't get half the drains, and it's more of a gradual high.

You should try it!
It's all right if you wanna waste your coke
i always used to save a bit and add to to some cigarettes so that coming down would be easier :S best with fat joints though for sure, but if you have to be out in public, at school or something, it's ok. no one ever came up to me to be like "hey that smoke you're smokin smells like burnt coke" lol. absolutely nothing like crack though.
yeah it does fuck you up more... if its on the filter it numbs your lips if you actually like put it on the side that burns then its like smokin crack kind of