hannah (motorcade) wrote in drugfucks,

for the first time with salvia are the extracts better or leaves? does it matter?

and does anyone know good websites to buy from?
how about good pipes at decent prices?
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i started with a 5x extract. didnt do anything. upgraded to a 15x extract (recommended to me buy the guy at the shop i bought it at) and had VERY minor visuals and the push feeling. i guess it depends on you, but i always have a high drug tolerance. ill probably upgrade to at least 30 when i get paid.
Purple Sticky
Best extract you can afford.
i always found purple sticky extract to be ground up into an almost too fine powder and the effect to be less than that of other extracts that are merely crushed, not ground up.
My experience has being nothing short of stellar. It's the only Salvia I'll smoke.
15x is pretty good for me. use a butane lighter to make sure to get everything out of it. using a regular lighter will do it too, but butane is better.
salvia makes me hallucinate that I am a train, and my friend told me I drooled a lot, and I don't like it.
i think i'd like to be a train
it was fun, but I don't want to do it again :D
I have done salvia many times. You can get from www.ethnobotanicals.com. I go through them they have very high quality with fair pricing. I suggest that you try a 6x extract first. I was misinformed the first time I did it I packed a large bowl of 20x. That was the most frightening things I ever had gone through! I is over fast but an overdose is EZ! A good dose of Slavatorian A (the active drug) Is between 200 micrograms and 500 micrograms vaporized. I Did around 10 milligrams! It blew my mind. Go to sagewisdom.com just don't buy from him he is a ripp! The hippie guy in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oAv0R6gtfk Is the guy from sage wisdom. He isolated the active chem with out a chem background! Peace, Jim
Well, my first experience with that stuff I did the concentrate, let me just give a heed of warning on that. Unless you wanna be rolling on the floor for 45minutes in front of a party of ppl screaming that your gonna kill them all!
Just watch the dose, don't smoke a Huge bowl, use a very small bowl and use a torch lighter cause its more effective at a higher temp. Better yet mix it with some Ganja and youll just laugh your ass off for awile. Its hard to explain "Going Down The Rabbit Hole" as my friends and I call it (once you do it it'll make sense) Imagine like the Matrix movie, you take the Red Pill and you awaken up in fluid in your pod yet nobody comes to get you, then you go somewhere else unexplainable and just when your starting to see it or find out...bam your pulled back in the real world yet it feels artificial..
i just did it last night i did some shit that said 300 but i think it was 30 and i saw big bird and thought i was on sesame street.