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Hi, I'm rae. I was about to write an entry, then realized that none of you know who i am. 

I'm a big acid tripper, stoner, and tweaker on the side. I love mushrooms, too. I love ecstacy, but I'm sick of it being half speed, and am lookin' for pure (yeah right). 

anyway, i love drugs, bottomline. 

so heres what i was GONNA say: 

Why am i staying up? I mean, i'm sure it's part the fact that i did four big lines of t today, but i could smoke a big bowl and get to sleep. I think i'm staying up 'cause i actually wanna smoke more meth and see if I could start on homework. Man, i just realized how miserable i feel because i've been in this position for two long. I also heard that the longer you stay up -- the more calories you burn? and i'm ALL for that. 

I just started tweaking again because i miss it and i wanna lose some weight for COACHELLA. (that's right, i'm going). But, the funny part is... i used to tweak so much that i could sleep, and eat, and be normal. The only difference was that I was tweaking. But now, i can eat on it... just not sleep on it. FUCKIN' A . and my tolerance for it is so much higher than when i first began way back when. 

I can't believe I stopped for so long, and am right back to it. 

Hmmm... should i smoke a bowl of weed, or pack the pook?


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