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What other OTC products are good for use?

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asprin fux u up dood
how exactly do you use asprin like that?
my friends have snorted it before, but that's not for me, and i've never done anything else.
no asprin snorting is fucking retarded
that's what i think.
robo is about it anymore. salvia is still legal where i live so thats always fun. you can trip on benadryl and dramamine as well. have fun hahaha
i used to take cvs brand cough and cold pills and it was awesome. cheap too, only 5 bucks a box. just check the active ingredients for dextomethophane (spelling?) and make sure it has at least 30mgs per dose. i used to take all 16 pills but i started at 10. so yea, have fun and be careful!
diphenhydramine hcl, i heard thats fun, loldfdodld
Anything with codeine in it, I did a cold water extraction with pills once when I had no weed lol, It was an experience.
Nutmet will make you trip, but you have to be very, very careful! If you do too much nutmeg at once it will kill you. Seriously. I have never done it myself, but I know some people who have.