north american scum (la__cultura) wrote in drugfucks,
north american scum

no, not snakes.... ACID ON A PLANE!

I know a while ago someone asked about taking shrooms through an airport... but what about acid? I'm a US citizen but i am in Peru right now and I will be traveling to Argentina! I have ONE tiny blotter that i don't want to trip on before I leave Peru but I certainly don't want to throw it away either! Should I be worried about taking it through the airport? It's so little I think if I just put it in with my makeup it will go unnoticed, right?
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id just get rid of it, its not worth the risk of weird latin american jail.


September 11 2007, 20:45:23 UTC 9 years ago

Are you a racist?
are you retarded?
my brother brought strong smelling weed on a plane,so i think anything is possible.

maybe put it in a perfume bottle? the small,sample kinds and then put it in your makeup bag. i definitely think that would work,i've been traveling a lot lately and they don't go through your bags or anything unless you beep.
it's hard to tell with different countries what exactly will happen, but it's odorless and if it's just a small blotter it'll be fucking easy to get away with. i know a ton of people who take a ton of stuff on planes with them and nothing ever happens, but thats just in the us.. who knows internationally..
yeah i know i have gone through airports with pills in my pockets accidentally and nothing happened... so i kind of think if i just put it somewhere inconspicuous i'll be fine

i was kind of thinking under a band-aid on my thigh hahah
good idea!

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6 years ago

uh i go through airports with pills in my pockets all the time. they're pills, it's not really a big deal. unless its something that smells like drugs, like weed or coke or heroin or mushrooms, or it's particularly bulky in a not easily explainable way, you should be fine. is it just the paper tab or is it in a dropper? if its the paper tab, putting it under a bandaid is pretty likely to cause you to trip the instant you start to sweat through the miracle of osmosis. getting small quantities of drugs through airports is really, really easy. just put it in your wallet or something.
you could try conceal it in like, a book of stamps or something?
i don't know what you guys over the pond have specifically, but i guess concealing it in something that's of a similar shape to the tab would work. that way, if it's scanned it won't look too suspect?
Yay! I'm so going again and again and again :)
perfume bottle, if your ears are gauged ;; sometimes that'll work - but I'm not tOo sure about that w// acid.
could you write more about it?
find a necklace with no metal that has one of those little sand bottles....i'm sure that would be sufficient :]
i'm pretty sure you'll be fine.

personally i would probably just put it in my pocket.
when i've gone through customs they've never really done a thorough check so i really feel like you'll be fine.
i work at an airport and you will be totally fine. just put it in a baggie and either stick it in your stuff or put it in your pocket - plastic and paper don't show on x-ray's and the k-9's aren't trained to sniff out acid. have no fear, for the tools don't give a crap about lsd, really, they're there to stop more mundane good times.
curious what do they sniff for
shit that blows up
I'd say no worries.
Trip on the plane.. you know you want to.


August 15 2007, 07:06:02 UTC 9 years ago

you are my hero
put it in your bra or your make up bag.
The best thing to do is put it in your vajayjay. Once you are through security go to the rest room and take it out. When it is time to go through customs it better be back in your vajayjay. As long as it is not that time of the month, then that is how girls smuggle drugs through airports :)
lol dude


November 10 2009, 18:21:08 UTC 7 years ago

its just a small piece of paper, put it in a stamped, addressed, and sealed envelope.