Lor (cartmenpunk) wrote in drugfucks,

what's your favorite drug?

& what drug do you do most often?

i'd say my favorite drugs would be weed or xanax.

and i smoke weed more than anything.
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I really like cocaine. I mostly do weed because it's always available, but i always try to have some coke on me.
Favorite drug? Ecstasy- by far.

Well I used to smoke like everyday, but since finals are coming up it's down to just on the weekends...but I also used to be addicted to ecstasy for 3 years. Last night was my last night rolling.
x is really the best, esspecially when you have good pills. the magic goes away after a lot of use though and that's what i really miss, i also just recently quite (a week ago) after a party because i think i'm jsut over it. i'll probably do it again, but not for atleast a year or so.. i need to give it time to get out of me and so when i do it again it will be more fun like the first times.


10 years ago

Favorite - Adderall

Most used - Ganja


10 years ago


10 years ago

we have a post like this almost every week now.
favourite is hash.
stopped smoking so much of it this winter after i realized i still need my brain for school.

funnest is blow but i haven't used in two or three years. go me.
i dig t3s recreationally for the warm glow i feel in my body.

least favourite drug is ecstacy. won't do it again in my life, ever.
pure mdma i might give a shot to, again.
x is a good drug as long as you get a good pill. x could be anything not just mdma but when you get a good pill thats pure or mostly pure mdma it's so amazing. but yeah i've had some shit pills in the past that have made me hate it too.. so i know what you mean..


10 years ago


10 years ago

weed/xanax and adderall/cocaine; depending if i want to be up or down.
i smoke a lot of weed but i like those things that are more like a special occasion--shrooms, acid, pill popping from my friend's mom's medicine cabinet

i'm a big fan of vicodin and booze, tho it makes me really horny.
full blown stoner ;D

pop some pills everyonce & a while though.
i smoke weed everyday.

my favorite is blow, but i really like acid and e too.
Mushrooms are my fave.
I smoke weed everday.
Favorite is adderall. Most used is weed and coke.

probably k favourite
and weed most often
tussionex aka liquid hydrocodone aka awesome

but like everybody else on the planet, weed is my staple
Faves are percocet and x, not together though.
x is my most used as well but i recently stopped that and now i'm going into weed for the summer baby ;)
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