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We may be high but Tool's new album still sucks. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[  Wednesday 02.20.08  ]

what movies (or tv shows) do you like to watch while under the influence of whatever drug(s) you prefer?
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[  Saturday 02.02.08  ]

for the first time with salvia are the extracts better or leaves? does it matter?

and does anyone know good websites to buy from?
how about good pipes at decent prices?
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[  Tuesday 04.17.07  ]

Fuck the people in this community. I came here to write openly about drugs without hearing stupid bitches give me crap. 

I thought maybe this was the place, but i guess not. Fuck you iateyourhotdog
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newler [  Monday 04.16.07  ]


Hi, I'm rae. I was about to write an entry, then realized that none of you know who i am. 

I'm a big acid tripper, stoner, and tweaker on the side. I love mushrooms, too. I love ecstacy, but I'm sick of it being half speed, and am lookin' for pure (yeah right). 

anyway, i love drugs, bottomline. 

so heres what i was GONNA say: 

Why am i staying up? I mean, i'm sure it's part the fact that i did four big lines of t today, but i could smoke a big bowl and get to sleep. I think i'm staying up 'cause i actually wanna smoke more meth and see if I could start on homework. Man, i just realized how miserable i feel because i've been in this position for two long. I also heard that the longer you stay up -- the more calories you burn? and i'm ALL for that. 

I just started tweaking again because i miss it and i wanna lose some weight for COACHELLA. (that's right, i'm going). But, the funny part is... i used to tweak so much that i could sleep, and eat, and be normal. The only difference was that I was tweaking. But now, i can eat on it... just not sleep on it. FUCKIN' A . and my tolerance for it is so much higher than when i first began way back when. 

I can't believe I stopped for so long, and am right back to it. 

Hmmm... should i smoke a bowl of weed, or pack the pook?


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this post is really gay [  Monday 04.16.07  ]

i eat way too fucking much when i smoke weed.
does anyone know of a way to curb your appetite when you get the munchies?
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[  Tuesday 04.17.07  ]

I’ve never done speed, but I’m terribly curious, what’s it like?

Can you get a bad trip? If so, just how bad is bad?
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[  Monday 04.16.07  ]

What other OTC products are good for use?

cross-posted to we_do_drugs
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[  Tuesday 04.10.07  ]

[ mood | tired ]

does anyone have experience with taking acid while on mood stabilizing/anticonvulsant medications? i've done a bit of research, but i all i can seem to find is information on acid in combination with lithium and other tricyclic antidepressants (supposedly a very bad idea), not mood stabilizing/anticonvulsants. if anyone has any information or experience on this topic, that'd be awesome. i'm taking trileptal and lamictal, if that makes a difference.

p.s. just to note, i'm aware of the various risks associated with acid and bipolar disorder, but that's not my concern here.

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Morning glory seeds? [  Monday 04.09.07  ]

I think it was here someone mentioned eating morning glory seeds. WTF?? What's the point - what does it even do?
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[  Monday 04.09.07  ]


i've done it three times,and each time i've sworn i'll never do it again.all in all-
but definitely amazing.

tell me what you think about it.
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no, not snakes.... ACID ON A PLANE! [  Sunday 04.08.07  ]

I know a while ago someone asked about taking shrooms through an airport... but what about acid? I'm a US citizen but i am in Peru right now and I will be traveling to Argentina! I have ONE tiny blotter that i don't want to trip on before I leave Peru but I certainly don't want to throw it away either! Should I be worried about taking it through the airport? It's so little I think if I just put it in with my makeup it will go unnoticed, right?
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[  Wednesday 04.04.07  ]


my friend sent me this program
and claims it works

i  haven't played any of the "song" files yet


has anyone heard of this??
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What's up Doc [  Tuesday 04.03.07  ]

DOC. A research chemical.
Can anyone share any good info on it? not much on erowid.
I'm interested to try it, and I think I have the opportunity sometime soon.. .but I had a bad experience w/ some blow a week back and I'm taking a break from uppers.
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[  Sunday 04.01.07  ]

acid and ecstasy
commonly known as kandi flipping

what are your thoughts on it?
yay or nay?

edit: what about someone who has only smoked weed,drank,and taken ecstasy? my friend is really tempted to try it,and i'm worried acid and ecstasy at the same time might be too much for her.but at the same time,i don't want to ruin her weekend!
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[  Sunday 04.01.07  ]

what's your favorite drug?

& what drug do you do most often?

i'd say my favorite drugs would be weed or xanax.

and i smoke weed more than anything.
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Bad Trips [  Sunday 04.01.07  ]

Hey, I'm new, My name's nikki, and I just have a couple of questions for those of you who have had a bad trip.

Well, I had taken shrooms a bunch of times (all good trips) but I had a really, really bad trip last night on shrooms, but I would like to take them again... how did you guys get over having a bad trip and taking that same drug again? If that question didn't really make sence, how did you get over the fear of maybe having a bad trip again on that drug?
Another question: If you started having a bad trip once, how did you change the trip into a good one?

** Sorry if any of these questions were asked before!
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[  Sunday 04.01.07  ]

my friend came over the other day and we were doing blow and she said if you put a line on a ciggarette it fucks you up some.
sooo i was just wondering if that was true because i had never heard of it before.
i always thought it had to be cooked in order to smoke it.
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[  Sunday 03.25.07  ]

i'm looking for a really nice psychedelic experience but have no experience with the drugs? where is a safe place to start? i'm thinking of picking up some mushrooms, but i have access to pretty much anything.
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[  Monday 03.26.07  ]

I'm just curious, what's your poison?
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riding my train high on cocaine [  Thursday 03.22.07  ]

[ mood | lethargic ]

Hiii. I'm new to the community. I'd have to say my drug of choice is cocaine. I'm a frequent user and a dealer. I used to think it was the cause of my faliures but I recently realized I probably would have failed anyways and the coke just made it suck less. I love everything about it... the smell, taste, the way it makes you think. For me it makes me feel alot more connected to people. It opens up my eyes and i see things from different perspectives. I feel like I understand people and that people actually understand me.

sooo anyways... what are your drugs of choice?

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